A Few Fitness Statistics

It is difficult to enjoy the freedom of a flexible lifestyle if a person doesn’t feel fit enough or healthy enough. Having a low energy level slows us in our quest for lifestyle change but getting a little fitter and feeling a little healthier isn’t that difficult. It just depends on how you go about it.

Many people base their fitness know-how on what some individual expert or guru teaches. There are all kinds of fads, machines, and practices available today. These are no doubt helpful if you commit to following the program. There are many ways to start on your journey to getting fit and a bit of general knowledge doesn’t hurt anyone. So let’s look at a few fitness facts that might be useful. Maybe you can expand your fitness knowledge and who knows, you might even start today.

Playtime is fun! Right?

Many people put off playtime because they have this voice inside telling them that they should be doing more practical things. Playing outside with the kids or grandkids in the backyard isn’t just fun, it is also important for your fitness, health, and sense of well-being. Running around outside and playing burns calories just like any other physical activity. Another important benefit is the strengthening of your relationships with friends and loved ones and the smile that it puts on your face.

Fitness pursuits should be fun and challenging, but they should not cause you to hurt. No pain, no gain, is an old-fashioned theory of exercise that leaves a lot of people injured. When you are engaged in exercise you should be able to talk, laugh, and feel good. This would mean that you are exercising at the appropriate pace for your fitness level. If you can’t do these things while exercising, you are not doing it right and should slow it down a bit to a more comfortable level.

Fitness Level

A lot of people believe that doing just a little exercise is nothing but a waste of time. It is generally accepted that you have to exercise vigorously for at least a half hour every couple of days to get any kind of benefit out of it. That is not true. Adding anything to your activity level on a regular basis will make a difference in your overall health. If you work in an office building, you won’t get a six-pack set of abs from taking the stairs instead of the elevator every day, but it will improve your fitness level.

Resistance exercising

Resistance exercising (resistance bands, weights) is great to keep your body young. We start to lose muscle and bone density after the age of thirty. Resistance exercising helps to combat this. You can use a lightweight to do some exercises even while you are watching your favorite TV show. Resistance bands are a great take-anywhere solution. One company, Bodylastics, has high-quality gear that enables you to take your own gym along when you are working out of town. or going on a vacation. Using some form of resistance can help you keep a strong skeleton and an added bonus is maintaining that youthful figure.

A lot of people are afraid to start exercising because they think it will not really help or it will just be too hard. Remember, any level of exercise started at any time in your life will boost your level of fitness and help you to enjoy life. Combine these few fitness facts with a positive attitude and a short-term fitness goal and start improving your fitness level today.

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