If you’re like me, you might keep a running list of Internet links that you’ve bookmarked to read later or that you’ve read and found interesting enough to keep. Whenever I find an article worth holding onto, I just keep it open in the internet marketing on my smartphone and simply never close it out of the window. (I know there are useful apps and websites such as Evernote and Storify to save/store all these links in one place, but I have yet to embrace their full functionality.) In any case, my eternal reading list was getting too unwieldy, so for the sake of spring cleaning, I’ve decided to clear out my browser.

But first!–before clearing out these precious pages forever–I want to give you a peek into my Internet surfing and thereby preserve them in a kind of immortality of record. Perhaps you’ll even find the articles as fascinating, helpful, and enriching as I did. If you poke around in my collection of Internet findings, you may notice a few patterns and areas of interest.

For example, I’m a huge fan of lists– especially those accompanied by visual aids (diagrams, photos, etc.). I also appreciate practical advice or guidelines (simple healthy recipes, writing style manuals, financial tips, etc.), and insightful research on social issues.

From this snapshot list, you can tell I am interested in writing and literature, creative expression, travel, global issues, and Harry Potter. If you went a step further, you could perhaps infer that I watched the movie Brave and felt so stirred by the Scottish-like soundtrack that I busted out my dusty guitar and tried to learn the chords to the theme song. And certainly, now you know I am finally clearing these pages from my browser. What are some of your bookmarked articles and links? What patterns do you see in your own Internet surfing? Feel free to comment below!

The Story of the Cyst on My Wrist

Let me tell you the story of the cyst on my wrist. It was the winter of 2011. Fresh snow had fallen on the mountains to the north of the city. Our family decided to make the most of the winter weather and, decked out in brightly colored ski gear, we headed to the slopes for the weekend. I wanted a challenge, so I decided to snowboard. Alas, it ended up being a poor choice, as I spent most of that Saturday learning how to crash most gracefully on my fanny instead of my face. By the end of the evening my fanny was bruised, and so was my pride. Not to mention, my wrists were incredibly sore from having to push myself back up after falling again and again.

In fact, my left wrist remained sore months after the trip and I wondered if I had sprained it. It did not seem worth a doctor’s visit, so I just ignored the soreness and favored my right arm for heavier lifting tasks. One spring morning, I woke up with my left palm planted flat against my cheek and my wrist throbbing with pain from being bent at an awkward 45-degree angle. I immediately released my hand. The throbbing lessened, but my wrist felt more painfully sore than ever: I had overstrained it in my sleep. The next day, a small bump formed on the backside of my wrist.

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