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An element wall allows you to bring some drama into your bedroom decor without totally overpowering the scheme. In bedrooms, an element wall generally works ideal on the bed head wall as it accentuates the room’s, main function and it means you won’t be staring at a busy pattern whilst you try to get to sleep.


There was a time when wallpaper was the preserve of chintzy B& Bs, but now that it’s back in vogue the shops are full of flamboyant designs that simply scream out to be used. From retro Sixties and Seventies to Art Nouveau to modern floral prints, there is bound to be something that takes your fancy. Use element wallpaper to set the theme of the room, for example, if you choose an oriental silk pattern then go for a bed that is low off the ground and a lantern-style lampshade. Likewise, if you opt for a retro print, try to find furniture that looks like it is from the same era. Wallpapers with a flock or metallic finish add an extra degree of opulence.
To integrate the wall with the rest of the room draw out two or three colors from the design that you can use elsewhere. Try to take a fairly neutral color to use on the three remaining walls, a mid-tone for the bedspread and window dressing, and save the brightest accent color for small touches like scatter cushions or a lamp.

Pattern and Color

A feature wall can also be a chance to use a splash of an adventurous color that you might not dare to use on every wall. For the greatest impact use a contrasting color to your principal wall paint by choosing one that sits on the opposite side of the color wheel. If you want to create a harmonious effect use shades from the same color group on the color wheel. Paint suppliers such as Dulux and Crown both stock a characteristic wall range with colors that are designed to work alongside neutral schemes as an accent. You could also go for a paint with a metallic finish or a color like gold or silver to give your bedroom an air of glamour. Use tape to generate your design on one wall, such as vertical bands of color in varying widths or Mondrian-style abstract blocks of color. Stencils are another simple way to give your bedroom personality and you can choose anything from Chinese dragons to crocodile skin, not to mention many traditional floral designs. You can get lettering both as stencils and stickers, so another idea is to write a line of lyrics from your favorite song or poem.

Beautiful Objects

A collection of striking objects can also be effective as a wall characteristic and the more you have the better. You could arrange framed photographs in a large cluster or have a large spread of postcards from different holiday destinations and art galleries. Vintage film posters or record covers can also look fantastic. Other ideas include an array of Japanese fans or a display of mismatched antique mirrors. You can start a collection of anything that takes your fancy and the quirkier the better. Take a stroll
around a junk shop if you are stuck for inspiration as you are bound to find something weird and wonderful. Another characteristic wall idea is to stretch a patterned fabric over a wooden canvas frame that you can find in art shops and secure it with staples. Either one large frame or a series of three smaller frames in a row can look fantastic as a wall display. You could mix one frame covered in a patterned fabric with two frames that each take a different color from the pattern.

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