The person who understands your business best and with the most passion is…you! So it follows that if you had the time and the training, you would probably do a great job writing your own sales copy. Especially if you’ve absorbed some of the helpful information you’ve found here at and elsewhere!

But, chances are, you’re so busy with the other aspects of your business that you can’t give your sales copy the attention it deserves. This is truly unfortunate because dynamite sales copy can utterly transform your business as rapidly as you can handle the extra sales volume. Our mission at Marketing Ranger is nothing less than enabling your business or nonprofit organization to soar via top-flight copywriting services for marketing online. Our preference is to work with clients who meet the following qualifications (life is too short to work for a company or individual you’re not compatible with)…

Small business or nonprofit providing meaningful product or service are not afraid to take some risks willing to test sales copy to better optimize results operates in an abundance paradigm, not one of scarcity and fear passionate about their work, but need professional copywriting services to optimize their sales/marketing copy

If you feel you meet these qualifications, we would love to talk with you. We will review the information you provide and contact you within 24 to 48 hours to set up a fact-finding consultation. You will not be charged for this initial consultation. We simply want to find out if your needs can successfully be met with our services. Period. Don’t hesitate. Every day you delay optimizing your sales copy means less cash flow and more dollars left on the table by end of the business. Please send us your note right now. You are under absolutely no obligation to use our services, and we guarantee that our initial consultation will result in at least one viable suggestion to improve your bottom line.

All of us are in sales, whether we like it or not. If you are not selling a product or service, you may be selling a cause, or at the very least, your perspective on life. You may consider yourself to be a totally noncommercial person, but if you communicate with humans in any arena whatsoever, you are selling something. If you never write a word or pay anyone to write words for you, perhaps this website isn’t for you. But, if you write for the purpose of communicating with other human beings, then you need to understand and apply the principles of persuasive writing (known as copywriting in the marketing world). That is what this website is all about.

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