Graphics or pictures on Web pages makes them more attractive. Some dynamic Web pages even use graphics as a form of control. For whatever reason you use graphics on your Web pages, there is one thing for sure, it puts a strain on your site and slows down the loading process.

The reduction of the size of Web pages ensures that they will load faster. One sure way to reduce the size is to reduce the file size of images. The first minute will decide whether your users will stay or go to another site. Here are some recommendations on graphics to lessen the downtime of your Web site:

  1. Lessen the number of colors
  2. Crop your images
  3. Use Jpeg format
  4. Interlace Gif files
  5. Slice Animated Gifs
  6. Cut images into pieces
  7. Use thumbnails
  8. Scale solid colors
  9. Specify height and width
  10. Use LOWSRC tags

The bigger things are the better they should be. That’s not always the case when it comes to web designing. If readers tend to enlarge font or text size just to read your site, you should probably think twice about it. Still, using HTML font tags for your site? Time to dive into CCS as it is more flexible, easier to maintain, and has lesser bandwidth requirements.

Here are just some tips regarding font sizes:

Size: respect the users’ preferences, avoid small sizes for content

Anything less than 1em would make your readers squint or go for the CTRL+Mouse roller. It’s not good. screen display Rather than use font size in pt, go for the Legible font family If you really need to make your fonts small then it’s better to go for a font family with aspect values that are high.

Validate Your Web Design

When you encounter a problem with your Web design, the first thing you should consider or the best way to handle it is to validate your Web design. A lot of problems could have been prevented if the Web design have been validated in the first place. But the sad part of it is that many people are not doing this. People tend to ignore to validation of their Web design. For your advantage and benefit, validate your HTML, CSS, and other Web file types with the HTML validators available. You may check the Internet for HTML validator, CSS validator, XHTML validator, RSS and Atom validator, and P3P validator. Try visiting the Web Design / HTML site at just to be sure that you will not have errors.

Generate Traffic to your Site

This same principle applies to services or information offered on your website. You can offer a free trial period and send out free newsletters. One popular thing being given away now is free PC scans or credit reports. These freebies are called teasers. After running the PC scan or credit report, you can alert the customer if there is something that is found in their credit record or PC, and then offer to show them what it is or maybe repair their problem for a certain price. This can be an effective way to create sales or just get more information from your potential clients. There may be hundreds of ways for you to promote your website or online business. Some are more effective than others, yet the following method will not only help you to generate traffic to your site, but it will also generate income into your wallet.

One thing that would appeal to everyone is the word “free.” If it’s for free, people will most likely take it. Just think of the cheese samples given away at grocery stores. Most people do not really like cheese. But most people will take it simply because it is free, and someone was nice enough to offer it. You should note that Adobe Dreamweaver is a feature-rich and very powerful program. While Dreamweaver is easy to use and generally well thought-out because of the many capabilities in the program, it will still take some time to learn how you can get the most from it. In addition, there are many new users that need to understand the basic terminology and techniques of web design and graphic design. These are widely available, though, as many excellent DVDs, books, software training packages, and internet tutorials can help you. With so much help available, you might be surprised at how quickly you can design your own website using this software.

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