Thousands of travelers flock to the dangerous and hunted sights of the world every year. Learn interesting facts about popular haunted destinations. Those people who are completely unaware of these sights experience their vacation with many troubles. This destination had paranormal activities in its long historic background. Here we highlight some important haunted attractions of the world. Eastern Penitentiary top haunted destination in the United States. This place is a former prison in Philadelphia for travelers.

The building of Eastern States was completely isolated and individual yards. This is the most popular place for suicides. This place is the symbol of hope and pride for the people of the United States. Known best places for tourists to experience touch dangerous sights. Waverly Hills was originally covered with a two-story building. The whole building is covered with wood. With the passage of time, this building takes many alternations. Currently, this is the new shape of this oldest and most haunted destination. In the 20th Century, the worst time of disease around about 63,000 people died.

This is the most haunted building in the US because of mistreatment and questionable experimental procedures on patients. This historic building reflects quite an impressive reputation. Fleeting shadows and empty rooms screams give you vast amounts of reports regarding this destination. New South Wales has known as the most haunted place in Australia. In first development of this place laid witness to many deaths. Many deaths are formed due to people dropping downstairs. A maid working in the home then it’s believed that she was fallen from the balcony.

At this place, a young boy stands in stable condition and after some moment burned. 17 century the Castel of Good hope was located in Cape Town. This caster was built by the Dutch East India Company. The oldest colonial building of this country served replenishment station from here. Big ships pass from the treacherous waters of Cape Town. Many highlighted stories and paranormal activities occur at this place. Sometimes a soldier was hanging with the bell rope of the bell tower. The Belltower is located at the entrance of the castle. After this occurrence, this bell tower was permanently shut down. Ghosts of black dogs seem sometimes a place.

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