Ocean Edge Resort

Ocean Edge Resort is a 400-acre property with a 700-foot private beach, making it one of the largest resorts in New England.

Fun Experience

For the little tykes, swimming is a fun experience. The Ocean Edge Resort has four outdoor pools and two indoor ones as well. For kids who want to feel the sand in their toys, it is the best time to show creativity by making sandcastles on the shore. Sunset bonfires will surely be a hit with your little ones as they get to experience toasted marshmallows under the stars. The resort also has a bubble machine that continuously spews out bubbles that children want to pop and catch all day.

Ocean Adventure Clubhouse

Ocean Edges’ itinerary of activities for children and teens is truly amazing. From hip-hop classes and tennis lessons to arts and crafts and bug hunts, there will surely be something even a picky kid can enjoy. On most summer evenings, the Ocean Adventure Clubhouse treats kids to pizza and movies.

Adults get to play in Ocean Edge too. With a world-renowned 18-hole golf course, biking trails, and two tennis complexes, getting fit and entertained won’t be a problem. For the health buffs, the resort also has a fitness center and provides beach yoga classes.

Ocean Edge’s selling point is unarguably, its beach. Relax and take a walk at the wood plank boardwalk leading to the oceanfront reserved for Ocean Edge’s guests. At Ocean Edge Resort, the waters are calmer and warmer than anywhere on Cape Cod.

All rooms and villas at Ocean Edge Resort are fully equipped and furnished. Dining is a totally another experience too. The resort has 5 onsite restaurants which include a family-friendly cafe, pub, tavern, and a fine dining restaurant.

If you are looking for a top spot to stay in Cape Cod, go to Ocean Edge Resort.

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