Shanghai for the Shopaholic Travellers

Shanghai for the Shopaholic Travellers

Shanghai – is a magnet for travelers from the world over attracted to its amazing mix of the modern and the traditional. From street vendors pushing branded goods of questionable authenticity to opulent specialty shops with undoubtedly the real deal, Shanghai has it all; shopaholics will be reveling in the variety of shopping lanes and markets found in Shanghai. Here we highlight the famous as well as the lesser-known shopping areas of Shanghai.

Famous Shanghai Shopping Districts

Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road is Shanghai’s most famous shopping street and every tourist more or less knows that it’s a place they should visit if they’re looking to shop. Stretching from The Bund to Yanan Xilu, Nanjing Road spans 6 kilometers, making it the world’s longest shopping district. Travelers will find a cacophony of shopping malls scattered along Nanjing Road, from boutiques offering upmarket luxury goods in West Nanjing Road and international brands to the small traditional shops at East Nanjing Road.

Huaihai Road

Though just as well-known as Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road is not as crowded nor as flashy as the former. Often thought to be the Champs-Elysées of the east and likened to Tokyo’s Harajuku, Huaihai Road is Shanghai’s ultra-fashionable shopping district. Huge malls and major shopping outlets such as Huating Isetan, Maison Mode, and Parkson Shopping Centre line the street. Travelers will also find a myriad of shops with specialty fashion items for sale. However, if you want to shop like the locals, go to Huaihai Road Middle, a wide avenue just south of and running parallel to Nanjing Road. The night scene at Huaihai Road is just as vibrant and alive as Nanjing Roads. On the whole, Huaihai Road offers just as much variety at better prices than Nanjing Road.

Budget Shopping in Shanghai

Qi Pu Road

It’s wholesale galore at Qi Pu Road! Bargain hunters favor this lesser-known street located near Nanjing Road West. The Qi Pu Road clothing market is Shanghai’s largest wholesale and retail clothing market, offering a massive variety of male, female, and kid’s apparel, underwear, bags, and more. For the best steals, head to Qi Pu to grab the latest fashion at unimaginably low prices.

Dimei Shopping Centre

A shopping haven for youngsters, Dimei Shopping Centre sells goods that are trendy and fashionable at competitive prices. While you’ll find unique products ranging from clothes and accessories to bags and jewelry, you’ll hardly find any shop selling top brands. Bargaining is a must as you can usually cut the opening price by 50%.

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