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Generally when someone is looking for an offshore sportsbook is because they are looking for a place to do some sports wagering on any major sport they prefer. Offshore betting has more than enough advantages over your local bookie, because, initially you don’t have to pay taxes over those extra dollars you just won. Learn more about sports gambling here and start betting and winning.

Sports Betting Tips:

Many value handicappers use a rating system to rate the strength of each team. Variations of these rankings are given to the public, i.e. Sugaring Ratings that can be found Today. Obviously, these ratings don’t produce consistent football betting results because if they did, the sports books would be bankrupt. Again this is not a football betting method that I use solely in selecting winners, but it can always be a nice reassurance that a game you like is a good pick for the best sports betting. My advice is to look at the components that make up the game, not the line.

The final football betting method is called technical analysis. This football betting method studies the trends and patterns that develop within a season. Football brings the best examples of this. There are certain types of trends that we focus on. These trends are the ones that generally develop because of tough situations or psychological problems. Thank you for stopping in at Online Gambling Odds, the site for gambling online and online betting

Hockey Lines

The Canadian people, who brought this wonderful sportsbooks bonus offers, could not make up their minds whether to offer a puck line or a money line, so they blended the two into what is called the “Canadian Line”. Also, there is a puck line, where the puck taking and giving is different on both sides, but this puts a customer at a disadvantage. The Canadian line has much more value than a straight puck line. An example of the Canadian line:

In the above situation, the Flyers are favored by half a goal, and you are risking to win if you wagered on them. If you choose the Bruins, you risk winning, and you get half a goal. Pucks are at a premium in the NHL as many games could end in a tie. The total in this game is at a flat goal, which means that you are risking to win regardless if you took the over or under in this contest. The Canadian line is based on a twenty-cent difference until the favorite, like in baseball, becomes prohibitive, in which case the gap in cents widens between the favorite and the underdog. Again the total could read over, in which you would be risking $ 125 to win $ 100. Conversely, if you took the under in this game, you would be risking $ 100 to win $ 105.

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