Style Tips for Plus Size Women

The right accessories can give your outfit some color and at the same time a completely different look.
Here are some tips on how to use fun fashion jewelry, belts, and shoes to make yourself look slimmer.

Medium-Sized Necklaces:

Wear a medium-length necklace with medium-sized beads or gemstones. A short necklace tends to give more attention to the neck, which is typically something you want to avoid.
On the other hand, if the necklace is too long, it accentuates a large bustline. So stick with a medium-
length necklace with medium-sized beads or gemstones. Try to avoid circular pendants circular shapes
accentuate the shape of a round body, so square or rectangular shapes work better.

Dangly Earrings:

Wearing long dangly earrings tends to make your face appear slimmer since it’ll make your face follow the long lines of the earrings. We recommend that when you wear long statement earrings, you should wear a simple necklace. Usually, when you wear bold jewelry, keep the attention on one piece of jewelry. Too many bold pieces of jewelry tend to look busy.


A belt defines and shapes the waistline. Some fashion experts say that a narrow belt works well for
a larger waistline since it doesn’t draw attention to the waist and some say that a medium-width belt high
on the waist has the same effect since it accentuates the narrower part of the waist.

Another tip is to wear a belt with a large buckle, This will shape your waist a bit more. If possible, wear a
belt with a square buckle – as we mentioned above, circular shapes make you look rounder so square
buckles tend to work better.


Wear shoes with heels if you can. Like wearing long earrings, long heels instantly make you look
taller, and hence slimmer. Like the age-old advice of wearing dark colors, wear dark-colored shoes as
well. It’ll make your legs look slimmer, especially if you’re wearing a short dress. To take it a step further,
wear shoes with thin long heels. Wearing chunky heels tends to make you look shorter.
As always, remember, accessorizing isn’t just about style it’s also about making you feel good and
confident. So keep a good balance between comfort and style.

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