Things you should not do while using Facebook

Accept the friend requests carefully

It is not a wise step to accept friend requests from strangers. It is difficult to find out the actual background of a person since it is possible to misguide us with wrong information. Therefore, it is best to avoid friend requests from strangers. On receiving a friend request, check whether you know that person and accept it accordingly.

Do not share personal details more than required

Some Facebook users are dangerously open about their personal details. You must realize that you are compromising your privacy by doing so. Your personal information could be misused by anti-social people and you might end up in trouble. Give only the basic information and do not divulge everything about you.

Facebook does give you the liberty to decide where to put the full stop when it comes to your personal information. Make the most out of the security settings that Facebook provides you with.

Do not chat with strangers

It is not unusual to receive messages from people you may not know. They might invite you for a chat. Do not ever respond to such messages and ignore them. There is a good chance that they are approaching you with some evil intentions. Do not fall for their trap and stay away from such people.

Celebrity pages

One of the chief advantages of Facebook is that you have an opportunity to interact with your favourite celebrities. Many celebrities have Facebook pages so that they can stay in touch with their fans. Anyone would want to follow the Facebook page of his or her favourite film personalities and other celebrities.

But, you must bear in mind that there are numerous fake pages created in the name of celebrities. Therefore, before you start following the page, make sure that the page is a legitimate one. Celebrity pages will have a small blue colour checkmark, which indicates that the page is a genuine one. You should always look for this checkmark to ensure that it is not a fake page.

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