Top Things For Culture Vultures To Do in Barcelona

Apart from the many famous songs and its world-famous football club, the thriving and bustling capital city of Barcelona, Catalonia also brims with culture and the arts.

Catalonia is an autonomous community in Spain, known to be the masterpiece of famed architect Antonio Gaudi. You can experience some of the most unique and inspiring architecture in the world right here in Barcelona. Pop into one of its numerous funky bars for a great night out or go on local tours; there are a thousand and one things to do for visitors coming to this magical Catalonian capital. Besides the regular tourist hits, we highlight several lesser-known activities for our art and culture lovers to add to your Barcelona itinerary!

Marvel at the Splendid Sagrada Familia
Paris has the Notre Dame Cathedral and in Germany; the Kölner Dom. On the world map of architecturally stunning structures of dedication to God, Barcelona certainly did not want to be left out. For those of you who share a great passion for architecture and design, the impressive Sagrada Familia definitely rivals other famous churches in Europe. Probably one of Antoni Gaudi’s grandest creations and most ambitious projects, the massive gothic-styled church is still unfinished and under construction. Nonetheless, you will still find the monumental church a sight to behold. The interior of the church is just as amazing as its facades; from intricate stained glass windows to elaborate religious carvings, visitors to the Sagrada Familia will be left in awe and humbled.

Revel in the Whimsical Mosaics of Parc Güell
Gaudi’s fans will find joy in strolling through Parc Güell, another masterpiece of the legendary architect. Born out of an idea of a stylish park for the upper classes of Barcelona, you’ll find influences of the English garden city such as gatehouses inspired by the Hansel & Gretel opera. Anyone can enjoy the park and its many attractions within, from stunning stone structures and colourful mosaics to gingerbread houses and the Gaudi Museum. Perched atop a rocky hill near an upper-class neighbourhood, Parc Güell is recognised by the UNESCO World Heritage Foundation. For the best views of the park and the city, climb the footpaths that lead up the mountain. Visit Parc Güell to see for yourself how it truly is one of the most beautiful parks in the world.

Dance to the Flamenco Heat
Any visit to Barcelona must not do without zipping up into a flamenco dress and unleashing the passion inside us. Let your hair down and take part in a flamenco session! For most of us who may be less than graceful, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be a spectator of this colourful, head-turning traditional Spanish dance form. You probably won’t go wrong with El Tablao de Carmen, where you’ll find established stars and fresh talent doing flamenco songs, dance and music. Alternatively, you can catch dancers performing at the Placa de la Seu on Sundays to the beautiful tunes of Sardana.

Street Art & More in El Raval
If you are into colourful neighbourhoods, street art and photography, we suggest you take a walk around the district of El Raval. Brimming with the arts, culture, literature and more, this neighbourhood is picturesque and edgy. The multicultural and lively area is home to many art studios, galleries and bookstores. If you would like to shop for unique pieces of apparel, this is also a place where you will find many small local boutiques. Come nightfall, El Raval lights up with its many bars, restaurants and clubs. Prepare to be charmed by the authentically Spanish nightlife!

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