Many people think that Forex is a scam. This is not true! It really is possible to earn large sums of money in a short period of time. Many argue that the truth about forex is covered with darkness, by online Forex Broker.

Yes, there really are no honest brokers offering big bonuses, just a thank you. Some simply hide information on spreads or commissions, that’s against the law, for example, some newcomers come across brokers who have a fixed spread, from 20-30 points, though the normal spread is 1-4 points.

Remember, the broker selection has a 25% success rate, the choice of the account for another 25% and the remaining 50% depends on your success. Beginners need to trade only on demo accounts to learn how to work with the trading terminal. In order for your income to be stable, it is necessary to choose a good broker who has a lot of good reviews and ratings here at more information You’re not a big deal practically no influence on the quotes, affect big players, banks, and the country, that is, their central banks. Often there are sharp fluctuations of quotations, at a speed of 20-50 ticks per second.

These jumps are caused by the fact that the flat time traders in the market there is little, and when the banks come into play, quotes can give strong gaps and discontinuity schedules. Banks are trying to beat each other, while the common people like leeches, simply earn drops, without changing the price. Good brokers have a level of insurance of 10-20 mln. Dollars, and thus have access to the banking market.

That’s not all, the truth about forex. They are brokers and traders, as well as you, but without trading, leverage, and earning his money. Some DC offer participants trading contests that are part of the income in the amount of USD 5000-6000. It would seem, what benefits the broker, he even loses it. If it would be in the DC 500-1000 participants, the way it was, but on account of DC 50-100 thousand. Traders, each of which is in danger, he wants to take the top prize. In this case, an online Forex Broker will earn commissions and spread a lot more money 20-30 times more than the winner of the trader.

The trader receives a huge advantage when using margin trading. At any DC leverage can be selected from 1: 1 to 1: 1000, under certain conditions. This means that with $ 100, you can safely work with an amount up to 1000 times larger, that is 100 000 dollars, then set limitations, increasing your balance, broker gradually weakens and reduces the leverage up to 1: 1, when the balance in excess of one million dollars.

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