How to take care of cancer patients?

Normal approach

Some people tend to show unrestrained sympathy and concern for cancer patients. This is the last thing they would want from you. Your sympathy will make them feel worse and it will affect their morale. So, talk to them in the usual manner.

Give them good books and articles

Nothing is better than a good book to lift up your mood. This could be applied to cancer patients as well. Encourage them to read books that can endow them with positive energy. It will help them to deal with the disease with an optimistic attitude. Having an optimistic viewpoint is very important in conquering cancer. It would be perfect if you can supply them with books by those who have overcome cancer. Their experiences and the description of how they managed to emerge victorious in their battle with cancer would be an inspiration to them.

Arrange a meeting with cancer survivors

If you know someone who has triumphed over cancer, then request them to have a chat with the patient. When they see someone who has actually overpowered the cancer, it will make them more confident that they can actually beat the cancer. They can provide the patients with some tips that could help them to face the disease with courage. However, ask them not to elucidate on chemos or other painful procedures if the patient they are talking to has not gone through it yet as he may lose all the positivity instead of gaining it.

Special attention to those who are undergoing chemotherapy

The biggest nightmare for cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy is the fact they are likely to lose their hair and they may even become bald due to the aftereffects. This is an insufferable tribulation for them, especially for women. It is our responsibility to make them understand that it is absolutely fine and that there is nothing to fear. Induce their confidence in them and make them realize that the bald head is not the end of the world. You should also make them aware of the fact that your hair will regrow within no time and that once your hair starts to regrow it will be stronger and thicker than ever.

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