It is hard to look at an industry or market that has not been positively affected by the Internet. Most areas of business have seen a boom as a result of the Internet’s popularity and no other market exemplifies this better than the currency trading markets. With the standard trading markets, the online movement is merely an alternative way to trade the commodities that they deal in. However, currency trading, without a central trading floor made the Internet its floor, and now to say you trade currency means that you are actively involved in automated forex trading.

Anyone who knows the financial markets would have a difficult time arguing that the Forex market is by far the most popular form of trading around today. There are many reasons why this is so but having the ability to trade online is perhaps at the center of all those reasons. One reason why automated forex trading is so popular is that it is so necessary. Many markets are challenged by the restrictions on when they open and close this is not the case with the currency market because it never closes. You can trade currency marketing online 24 hours a day because the markets trade 24 hours, any time of the night or day, anywhere in the world.

Another exciting reason for the popularity of automated forex trading is the potential for tremendous profits. The forex market employs what is known as leverage to trades made on the currency. While other markets do have leveraged trading, the currency market employs the most leverage out of them all, in some cases up to 200 times the value of your actual capital. Putting it another way, you could trade up to $9,000 in currency just with as little as $25 in a forex account. Never forget that this does have a somewhat high-risk potential as well but clearly the potential offered to many people to make significant profits often outweighs the risk.

One final point why automated forex trading is so exciting is because it can be easy to do thanks to groundbreaking trading software available at many forex brokerage houses. Yes, it is recognized that these programs need a small amount of technical info, but that said they are still very easy to use in trading online. These programs also come with a large number of trading statistics and tips. You can also have the program traded for you with an automated feature many programs have.

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