TCBH Puts Tasty Back into Healthy

TCBH stands for This can’t be healthy. We began with a passion for providing great-tasting organic, diabetic, and gluten-free treats that also have ingredients your body can use.

Unfortunately, many treats today are filled with empty calories or ingredients that you simply can’t pronounce. When it comes to food labels, if you can’t read them don’t eat them. Your body will appreciate your decision.

Many years ago my journey began with combining great taste and health. I didn’t want to just take away sweets from my family but rather give them treats that they’d be asking for again and again.

Initially, I started to experiment with my tried and true family recipes. I substituted recipe ingredients with organic choices instead such as whole grains, natural sweeteners, and nuts and dried fruits. I also used natural fruit sauces in place of oil.

The early results were varied but by and by the end products began to taste awesome. In fact, I can confidently say they’re even better than the original recipes since I know that all the ingredients are healthier alternatives to traditional white flour and processed sugar. Ingredients useful to my body. When you think of chocolate chip cookies do you think of whole wheat flour? You’d be mighty surprised at how tasty they can be. So tasty, in fact, that you’ll also say, “This can’t be healthy!”
As I continued to create, family and friends asked me more frequently to make healthier breads, treats, and desserts for special occasions. Demand increased to the point where providing products on a weekly basis took root. Thus This can’t be healthy bakery was born.

Maybe you have a particular health restriction such as diabetes or gluten sensitivity or perhaps you want to make better choices about what foods and treats you eat. Now it’s easier than ever to make that change since a naturally healthy lifestyle is at your fingertips with online information and support. In addition, our bakery comes alongside to let you have your cake and eat it too without the guilt. Quite simply: we put tasty back into healthy!

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