Top 5 Fashionable Looks for Modern Women

If you often have trouble deciding what to wear, it could be because you haven’t cultivated a look for
yourself. Even if you have enough clothes to get by, if your clothes come from a smattering of unfocused
styles and don’t congeal into a solid, identifiable look, then of course you’re going to have trouble figuring out what to wear. If, for example, most of your tops don’t go with your favorite jeans, or if you have a lot of articles of clothing that you just don’t enjoy wearing, then there’s something wrong with this

You can make your fashion life easier by cultivating a look. To help get you started, here are the five
main categories of looks for the modern woman: The casual look:

When you have the classic look, you go with the old standbys-plain t-shirts, jeans, blazers, plain pants-and go for a laid-back, no-fuss vibe. You don’t put much thought into what’s currently trendy, and you shy away from clothing that’s too frilly or revealing. Plain colors are best: black, navy, gray, white, khaki. Everything is simple. It can even be a little tomboyish.

The bombshell look

If you look good and you want the world to know, the bombshell look might be perfect for you. Choose clothes that accentuate your figure. Wear form-hugging dresses, tight jeans, and tops that reveal some skin. With this look, your body is the main attraction, so too many frills or busy clothing patterns can be distracting.

The Bohemian look

If you like vintage clothing, artsy patterns, and eclectic styles, the Bohemian look is the way to go. Contrary to popular belief, dressing bohemian is not about sloppiness or not caring. It’s mixing old-fashioned styles with the hippest trends of the day. This takes some work. Banish plain shades from your wardrobe, and cultivate a look that blends multiple textures and cosmopolitan styles from around the world. Just don’t overdo it. Going too far with the bohemian look can take you into a goofy territory.

The ladylike look

The ladylike look is perfect for women who like to look charmingly feminine without being overtly flirty. You’ll wear plenty of skirts, dresses, and feminine tops, and your purse and other feminine accessories will be essential parts of your look. A little bit of lace and some ruffles can add some charm, and classic colors are most appropriate. Go with gray, black, or white, and stay away from colors that are too bright.

The minimalist look

If you want to project a straightforward, businesslike manner, cultivating the minimalist look is a great way to direct the attention away from your clothing and toward the business at hand. Stay away from frills of all types, and don’t be afraid to go monochrome but only with non-flashy, more conservative colors. Avoid clothing that shows too much skin, and keep your accessories minimal and not too fancy. Simple earrings, a couple of rings, and a small purse are all you need to complement
this look.

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