What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, has the primary goal of increasing traffic from search engines to a website. That’s it.

Why SEO?

Consider this:
– Approximately 2/3’s of Americans use the web to buy a product or service
– There were 10 billion searches (using a search engine)
– 5.9 billion of those searches were on Google and 2.1 billion were on Yahoo

In short, the largest online marketing channel right now is search engines, and one search engine — Google — controls 60% of the market.

Given this reality, SEO is a powerful tool because it enables an online business to capture its share of the largest online marketing channel.

SEO Overview

SEO done right not only drives more traffic to a site but also drives targeted, high-quality prospects and customers. For SEO to be effective as a targeted marketing channel, several areas must be integrated to create a cohesive implementation strategy. Following are what we call the ‘3-legged stool’ of SEO – all are essential for effective and profitable SEO:

1) Keyword Mapping – what a site’s target market (e.g., customers) searches for online
2) Content Optimization – the creation of quality content that is:

(i) valuable to users

(ii) utilizes the key search terms and phrases that a site’s customers are searching for
3) Linking Strategy – strategic utilization of inbound and internal links to drive targeted search traffic to a website

Thunder creates comprehensive SEO strategies that utilize all of the above so that a company can increase its market share via targeted search engine traffic.

What is SEO tracking?

In short, without tracking, any promotion or marketing, especially SEO, is meaningless. With tracking, an online business has complete knowledge of exactly where its business comes from – be it Google organic listings, Yahoo organic listings, Google Adwords, affiliate partners, etc. – and can make highly strategic marketing decisions. Thunder shows clients how to track all click-through traffic as well as phone calls (which is paramount to a business that relies on phone calls for new clients).

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