Dieting And Getting Thin Quick

I got myself a membership in a gym yesterday because I decided it was time to do something about getting rid of all these excess fats from my body. But since I already have little muscle, I want to lose fat as I strive to shed off 5 lbs in about 3 weeks. I want to get rid of some excess flesh, particularly that area around my tummy. Because of it, I am having trouble getting into my favorite dress and pair of jeans. Instead, I’ve been opting for large baggy clothes. It’s a good thing that the clothes I purchased a long time ago were on the larger side.

But a gym workout isn’t the only thing I am doing in my efforts toward weight loss. My food intake will be regulated accordingly. I am planning to go low carb. This doesn’t mean I won’t be eating any carbs but just that I will be eating fewer carbs. To start with, I will have low-sugar cereal for breakfast. With this regimen of healthy eating and a strict exercise regimen, I hope to lose all that weight I’ve been wanting to get rid of for some time.

Let me share some more information about this diet that I will go on. Then I’ll tell you about what I plan to do at the gym. Low-carb diets have obviously been around for a while now. This diet excludes sugars, bread, cookies, cakes, and even starchy vegetables such as carrots and potatoes. I think my main difficulty with this diet will be the desserts because I simply love cakes, brownies, cookies, and ice cream. Come to think of it, perhaps they are the main culprits of all these extra pounds. There are, however, some desserts low in carbs that I can check out. They just might be able to help me stick through with this diet!

I will also have to watch my calorie count whenever I eat something, I’ve heard about other dieters eating foods that are way too greasy who then wonder why the weight just wouldn’t come off. A lot of people argue that calories have nothing to do with weight, but many others, including the Atkins plan, clearly state that calorie intake could be kept down by regulating their consumption of cheese, nuts, and other foods that are high in calories. Since I am hell-bent on losing weight, decreasing my carb consumption and keeping watch on my calorie intake makes sense. It might be even better if I manage to combine low-calorie diets and low-carb diets that have been known to work individually.

A good workout plan will also be integrated into my diet strategy. They say that, for weight loss, lifting weights would be more effective than cardio exercises. It is because they can directly increase one’s rate of metabolism. Also, building stronger muscles will prevent injuries later in life. It’s the opposite of cardio exercises because they have the tendency to make you hungry and thus, you will eat a lot afterward, breaking your diet. However, I understand why people enjoy the treadmill and other aerobic exercises – they make you feel like you’ve really achieved something. Besides, weightlifting is largely a male-dominated exercise. It is easy to get intimidated entering a room full of men lifting weights. I hope I will get used to it soon.

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